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Big Muddy Folk Festival
Boonville, Missouri
April 4—5, 2003

Boone County Fire District Pipe and Drum Band

Visit their web page.

Boone County Fire District Pipe and Drum Band Pipes and Drums Many large fire departments and police departments in the eastern United States have traditionally maintained bagpipe bands. Members of the Boone County Fire Protection District developed an interest in bag pipes several years ago and asked, as part of the fire service tradition, if the organization would support the development of a pipe and drum band. Today, the Boone County Fire District operates the only fire department based bagpipe band in Missouri. This band performs at fire department functions, community parades and government ceremonies in Jefferson City and unfortunately, from times to time, fire department funerals throughout the state and region. The impetus behind the bagpipe band is to provide members of the organization another opportunity to represent the organization in a professional and unique manner and, simultaneously, use this vehicle as a recruitment tool for perspective new volunteer firefighters. Keeping with the tradition of the organization being an integral part of the community, the Fire District teaches bagpipe lessons through adult education classes for the Columbia Public Schools. Each semester, approximately 15 members of the community attend bag pipe lessons taught be members of the Boone County Fire Protection District. Interested parties may contact the Boone County Fire Protection District or Columbia Public Schools adult education program for further information.

Chuck Rhodes, from California, Mo., is the pipe master of the band. Chuck piped in the third annual Big Muddy in 1994. Two younger members of the band are from Boonville, West Wendleton and Jame Kay.