Friday, April 4
Roger Netherton
Lee Murdock
Mike Gentry
Matthew Olwell and John Skelton
Cathy Barton & Dave Para
Dance at Turner Hall following the concert with Claire Zucker calling
Saturday, April 5
Howard Marshall and John Williams
Andrew Calhoun
Kate MacLeod and Kat Eggleston
Storefront Congregation
Dave Para and Tilly Tyrell, Masters of Ceremonies
Saturday Daytime Events
Thespian Hall Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall Presbyterian Church Sanctuary Episcopal Church
10:00 AM The Flatfooting and Tap Connection
Mathew Olwell with John Skelton explore step by step currents in American dance.
Missouri Fiddling Traditions
Howard Marshall and John Williams will saw them out Little Dixie style.
Rounds to Sing and Share
Claire Zucker and Alice Boyle will get you merrily singing.
Songs of the Lakes and Rivers
Lee Murdock, Cathy Barton and Dave Para sing of their homeland waters.
11:00 AM Fiddle Styles Demo
Howard Marshall, John Williams, Alice Boyle and Roger Netherton have some tunes.
Banjo Circus
Mike Gentry, Cathy Barton, Robert Rosenberg and Dave Firestine hit the merrywang.
Celtic Songs
Andrew Calhoun, Kate MacLeod, Kat Eggleston and Claire Zucker sing the strains.
Noon        LUNCH
1:00 PM Flowing and Fun Contra Dancing for All
Claire Zucker and STEAM! have some dances to get us all going.
Mathew Olwell with John Skelton help you find your own personal rhythm machine.
Spirituals and Gospel Songs
Andrew Calhoun, Cathy Barton and Dave Para share songs in the sacred tradition.
Storefront Congregation
2:00 PM Carp Camp Missouri
STEAM with Dave Firestine will orchestrate an old-time jam session.
Sing Along
Mike Gentry will lead us in some favorites from the steamboats and more.
Open Stage (Song Swap)
Bring your voices, instruments and ears. Hosted by Buzz Keiper.
A Minstrel's Guide to History
Andrew Calhoun, Kate MacLeod, Kat Eggleston: original songs, historical themes.
3:00 PM