Big Muddy Folk Festival 2014 Open Mike

Tom Lata performing Flowering Peas

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Flowering Peas Tom Lata 2013

When I was young I hated Peas
Floured slush that was our feed
Soft round balls of English mush
Eating Peas was really tough
But beans I prefer, Please

As I road my bike into the woods
I stood right up to take a look
Hit a tree, fell in the brush
I stood up in some disgust
I saw pink flowers crushed

I grabbed my handy flower book
took my time to take a look;
The page turned to a vine with strings
pods so plenty, a light green sheen,
that was full of Flowering Peas,

Peas of every kind amaze
Hoary and Butterfly are ablaze
Everlasting, Perennial, Scurvy, and what?!
Sensitive Peas move at your touch!