Big Muddy Folk Festival 2014 Open Mike

Buzz Keiper performing Moment in Time

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A Moment In Time [Cinco De Mayo] By Buzz Keiper 4.3.10

[start with chorus/refrain:]

Cinco De Mayo was a moment in time,
when tyranny ran; when freedom rang
on Cinco De mayo, Napoleonís troops.....
were stopped in the mud, by courage & blood,
for a moment in time.. [on final chorus add:]
for just a moment in time, only a moment in time.... d.c. al fine...


Napoleonís army, was the best in the world;
without defeat, fifty years or more
sent to the new world, to force his will
on a nation in strife, struggling to rise, from colonial rule



Outgunned & outnumbered, on the Mexican side,
they fought for their freedom, they fought for their lives
against a foreign invader, whose guns they defied;
they showed the world it could be done, they wouldnít run



This Mexican victory, though just a moment in time,
helped to change history, to change hearts and minds
to seize their own destiny, from foreign hands,
an' drive the invader out of their lives, out of their land

Ch [final chorus as above]