Friday, April 1
Ron Wall
Phyllis Dale
Bob Shad and Jazzou Jones
Leela and Ellie Grace
One Drum
Longtime central Missouri caller Jim Thaxter will call the following dance at Turner Hall
Saturday, April 2
Cathy Barton and Dave Para with Snorty Horse
Lou and Peter Berryman
Anne Hills
Bar D Wranglers.
Dave Para and Tilly Tyrell, Masters of Ceremonies
Saturday Daytime Events
Thespian Hall Turner Hall Church Fellowship Church Sanctuary Episcopal Church
9:00 AM 9:30 a.m. Drum, Percussion and Dance: One Drum
10:00 AM Offbeat: Funny and Syncopated Lou & Peter Berryman, Jazzou Jones and Bob Schad   Ozark Songs: Cathy, Dave, Ron, Alisa, Mike, Tenley Women in Folk: Anne Hills, Leela and Ellie
11:00 AM Good Old Riverboat Days: Phyllis Dale, Jazzou Jones and Bob Schad, Dave &Cathy UNAVAILABLE Autoharp: Ron Wall Missouri Folk Arts TAP Program Back-up Guitar Steve Hall and Ellen Gomez

Stories  to Songs

Anne, Lou and Peter, Tenley, Leela, Ellie
Noon        LUNCH
1:00 PM Ragtime: Jazzou Jones and Bob Schad UNAVAILABLE Banjo Rendezvous: Cathy, Anne, Leela

Guitar Workshop: Gary Cook, Dave Para, One Drum guys

Up Close: Shortleaf: Mike Fraser and Tenley Hansen
2:00 PM Clogging or Body Percussion: Leela and Ellie UNAVAILABLE How the West Was Sung: Cathy, Dave Wranglers, Anne Open Stage (Song Swap) 
Bring your voices, instruments and ears. Hosted by Buzz Keiper.
Fiddle Workshop: Mike Fraser, Vesta Johnson, Matt Palmer
3:00 PM