Big Muddy
Folk Festival


Friday evening
Cathy Barton & Dave Para
Stephen Seifert
Bourque Emmissaires
Alferd Packer Memorial String Band

Saturday evening
Three Hot Pink Ladies with a Chaser of Testosterone
Sara Grey and Ed Trickett
Joel Mabus
McClain Family Band
Saturday Open Mike
Tilly Tyrell

All photos and videos were taken by Buzz and Bev Keiper

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Big Muddy Folk Festival
Boonville, Missouri
April 5-6, 2019

Saturday Afternoon Open Mike

Buzz Keiper
Buzz Keiper:
Bard's Waltz
Lee Ruth
Lee Ruth:
3rd World USA
Terry Wright and Barney Hartline
Terry Wright and Barney Hartline:
JDead Skunk in the middle of the Road
Terry Wright
Terry Wright:
Low Lands
Brenda Hanson
Brenda Hanson:
A Little Bird Told Me So
Tom Lata
Tom Lata:
Heal The Land Tom's Song
Dan Pease & Bettie Swarts
Dan Pease & Bettie Swarts:
If I was a Dog