Big Muddy
Folk Festival


Friday evening
Cathy Barton & Dave Para
Stephen Seifert
Bourque Emmissaires
Alferd Packer Memorial String Band

Saturday evening
Three Hot Pink Ladies with a Chaser of Testosterone
Sara Grey and Ed Trickett
Joel Mabus
McClain Family Band
Saturday Open Mike
Tilly Tyrell

All photos and videos were taken by Buzz and Bev Keiper

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Big Muddy Folk Festival
Boonville, Missouri
April 5-6, 2019


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Some people think after we die we will go
To a dancing place high up above
But I see glimpses of heaven right here,
In laughter and music and love.

On a late autumn night, and jig and a reel,
hold a place in my heart that none else can fill,
Where tunes dance in my head, where they whisper goodnight,
And they rouse me to welcome daylight.

Some envision a mighty host high up above,
And angels with shimmering wings,
But I see a tent and a circle of friends,
Hear the favorite tune each one brings.

And the smile on each face, like a welcome embrace,
Come and join our circle and play.
And all cares disappear in the crisp Autumn air,
And we play till the dawning of day.

Itís the hammer on the string, Itís the mandolin ring,
Itís the magic feet tapping high above everything
Loveís in each waltz, loveís in each air,
And you know that that is heaven right here.

Itís the bow on the string and the songs that we sing,
Itís the tunes that we play that can make the grove rings
Loveís in each note, loveís all through the air
And that is heaven right here
Donít you know that is heaven right here