Big Muddy Folk Festival


Ray Abshire Trio
Cathy Barton & Dave Para
and Bob Dyer

Byron Berline & Barry Patton
Peter & Lou Berryman
Ralph Duren
Leela & Ellie Grace
Polka Don Lipovac
Katy Moffat
Bill Spence & George Wilson
Matt Watroba

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Big Muddy Folk Festival
Boonville, Missouri
April 5—6, 2002

Leela & Ellie Grace

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Leela and Ellie Grace have been part of our festival for many years singing and playing with their parents, and others, joining in song workshops and tapping some fancying steps for our finales. This year, these two dancers, singers, multi-instrumentalists and songwriters will put together a set of their own. Since graduating from college in 2000 (Leela) and 2001 (Ellie), they have traveled to festivals and camps and have collaborated with esteemed performers on stage and in the studio. The two have grown up hearing old-time and modern folk styles; now they lend their voices to the tradition. Their variety of music and dance style, their singing and writing make for quite a dynamic performance.