Big Muddy Folk Festival

Cathy Barton
Dave Para &
Bob Dyer

Gladys Coggswell

Steve Gillette &
Cindy Mangsen

Paul & Win

Violet Hensley

John McCutcheon

Comer Mullins

Petersonís Original Ragtime Band

Volo Bogtrotters

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Big Muddy Folk Festival
Boonville, Missouri
April 7-8, 2000

Winter apparently wasn't Y2K ready in central Missouri. Boonville was, though, The power went out for six hours in half the town a few days before the New Year, and my computer crashed three weeks earlier. We all had time to brace our wits and hearts for the much anticipated, much ballyhooed downtime. But instead mild winds blew in the multi-zeroed year, and the days have been suspiciously pleasant. The town echoes with the sounds of builders working outdoors grateful for temperate conditions. The ground is soft and the trees, fooled by this ruse of nature, may start to bud. The muddy Missouri waters run low from the extended dry weather, and the narrow channel exposes decades of the work of man both planned and accidental. Whether spring follows or overtakes winter, high up on the bluffs, the doors of Thespian Hall will open again for Big Muddy Folk Festival.

Our ninth festival continues our efforts to present a diversity of folk styles, traditional and original. But this year, most of our artists reflect that diversity in their individual repertoires, mixing their own songs with the old ones that inspired them for a wonderful variety of musical traditions and creativity. We'll celebrate Missouri culture in fiddle, foot, voice, and soul.

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